Focused on solving real life problem Collaboration brings more power with less effort. Time to market is critical in competitive world. Mobile is no longer small but enforces simplicity. Innovation is the key to simplify solutions Agile is all about breaking the process barrier (if any),
to achieve the desired results
Cloud is not a solution but a design principle on which suitable solutions are designed


Arvind Thanvi is the founder and CEO of Moinee Systems.

Arvind graduated from IIT Karagpur and brings with him 15 years of vast experience in IT Services and Consultancy space with global industry leader firms like Accenture, Goldman Sachs, Barclays etc. His last stint with Accenture lasted for 10 years and at the time of leaving Accenture, Arvind was account director and delivery unit lead for leading UK based banks emerging markets & new business portfolio. He is also an eminent speaker in various campuses on topics like Technology and Industry Trending. [Linkedin professional profile].

In his free time he prefers playing with his kids, listening to music, and driving out to visit new places & new people.

Vijay is Vice President for Sales and Marketing of Moinee Systems.

He brings with him 8 years of experience in Sales, Marketing, Training & placement. He earned his Masters in Business Administration from JNV University, Jodhpur and has completed his PhD in Marketing Jaipur. He brings first hand understanding of local education industry needs and common practices as well he has build good professional connects in majority of corporates looking out for fresh talents. [Linkedin professional profile].

In his free time he prefers spending quality life with family.

Govind Ram Thanvi is the co-founder and Director operations of Moinee Systems. He has over 40 yrs of experience in setting up new businesses and running it day to day. He earned his LLB degree from Jodhpur University.

In his free time he loves gardening and spending leasure time with his childhood friends.


Priyanka is software engineer at Moinee Systems. She has done B.Tech. (Batch of 2011) in Computer Science. She has also been a blogger and a regular contributer to online media in past. Apart from working on Mobile and web applications, she is also configuration manager for the company's online assets. [Linkedin professional profile].

She has a gifted voice and is formally trained in classical singing (watch out for next Indian Idol Auditions). In her free time she enjoys singing, watching movies, travelling and exploring new places.

Vinay is software engineer at Moinee Systems. He has done B.Tech. (Batch of 2013) in Computer Engineering. He is working on Mobile and web applications. He has also been Vice President in college department club for organizing various technical & cultural events and as a developer he launched series of websites for his college. [Linkedin professional profile].

He is a gifted dancer and can turn your boring formal parties into wild one. In his free time he like to read technical articles.